Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mumbai to Thane - Taking the bend...

Well, the Ghodbunder road was conquered last weekend.  This was my identity run, a defining and a cut off run in many ways   I will write about the Ghodbunder run in the next blog.

Sometimes, it is like that hard-cut off that we force - like ending a sentence with a full stop - capital, bold and italics.    Well, let me save my words for the upcoming - Ghodbunder road - the story of the runner, and the story of the road.   The story of the runner will be published in the forthcoming blog, and the story of the road will be published in Ashok speaks.   Now let us go back to the last two runs in Thane- short, but powerful ones.
Running in Mumbai was a struggle - it was always an
emotional catharsis 

The city of Mumbai has taught me some hard lessons.  The city is like a deep ocean.   It can drown and choke the weak, who can feel out of depth.  So I felt, in the last 9 months.   This chaos hit my runs - as my earlier blogs would illustrate.   The Mumbai runs, were emotional catharsis to my mind - to sooth the failures and curse the frailties of life.  They were my emotional sink and guardian of my sanity.

For the weak and the wounded, it might sometimes be prudent to move from the depths and survive in the shallows.  You can sail in the deep sea everyday, but it is good to have a shore - shallow and safe.   Where time is more structured - even for running.

Runs in Thane, have been more liberating -
free mind, flying feet!
Some places carry such vibes - important for a runner.  Thane is very much like Velachery.   Velachery taught me to run almost 5 years ago.   The place, despite being chaotic, was a great inspiration.    The vibes, here in Thane too, are similar.   In this context, the last two short runs in the Hiranandani Estate - Brahmand routes gain significance.

Now, the difficult phase is over, and the mind is prepared to deal with matter.  With such preparation, the mind is free.  That makes the feet on the street happier.

My shoes have started talking to me and know that I am taking the bend.   The changes are positive and powerful, slow but sure.

The road called life is there to be taken.  And the two short runs signify that.  Patience and perseverance.  The strength of the human endeavor is unparalleled.   I am going through it right now.   And the shoes know that! They will help me do that.  Wont' they?

- The One 

Pics courtesy The One