Thursday, March 17, 2011

At the cross roads...

I read in a calendar today ' If you cant run ahead of someone, run in a different direction'.  Well, it kind of means what I am going through these days.   That someone sometimes is myself.

At the cross roads, looking for a new direction, I scan the horizon for answers.  The decision to take a road will have implications of the new and far future. 

When one looks back at the cross roads he/she has crossed and the directions have been taken,  a realization sometimes a twinge of guilt, and a can-I-bring-that-decision-back or If-I-were-to-decide-again-can-I-change feeling happens - a lump in our throat, and a deep sigh follows.  

From my school days to where I am now, my journey has taken twists and turns that I have not entirely expected.   To the chance to board a plane to US vs to manage a project in the North-East in 1998,  or to settle in South-East Asia vs back to Chennai in 2005, the decisions on job roles or the places to live have had a 'comfort' factor established at that point in time.

I sometimes feel that I should have decided otherwise.  As more years pass, and the journey of life covers more miles, the child in me-the one who wishes to explore and advent different peoples, places, cuisine and culture is becoming more forceful than mellowing down to adulthood.

My significant other may feel that this man is crazy, but one realizes the beauty of the journey called life through experience.  So, why not explore, till one can.   Run the unexplored roads, visit new places.

Here is the tougher part - but I will answer first before I throw the question.  

A 55 year old runner took his 87-old father to run an iron-man.  His father said ' son, for you, I will'.  Both completed.   The passers-by and the onlookers applauded for hours with tears in their eyes.   Why? 

The father was a quadriplegic and had to have neck support and was in a wheel chair. The son took his father in a life raft for the swimming part,  then on a specially designed cycle for the cycling bit and a wheel chair for the marathon.

Sometimes goals, challenges are very personal.   If your near and dear realize the dream that you see and the direction you take, when you are at the cross roads - they will definitely run along, won't they?

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