Monday, October 31, 2011

Ship breaking screws running...

About 15 days ago, I had some sneeze.. A little bit of throat congestion... then a small pricking in my throat - I know, I was on my way to a season change phenomenon - allergic bronchi.  

I have had allergic bronchi since when I was kid.   It stopped for the last 6-7 years, when I had a car, and also when I used to run.   Key factor was the allergy did not appear - it did not matter when I ran or where. I somehow, attributed the allergen silence to my car.  

Last one month, has been trouble - the allergens are awake and active.  One afternoon,  I was sleeping through a cab ride - through Mazagon dock.   I woke up in some dust and sweat, the cabbie said'this is a shorter way'... I look out of the cab window - it was a SHIP BREAKING YARD...

That psyched me out, and all those visions of the leukemia and allergic diseases arose in my mind.  The place was deserted and dusty... I could feel the allergens - my nemesis waking up... 'dude, here am I'... and one thing to another, and occupied my breathing canal.

Blong - there went my running.  I tried all medicine I could lay hands on, some vapor inhalation, some herbal stuff.  Finally visited a doc, was slapped a prescription of a heavy dose anti-biotic and was walking around as a zombie all of last weekend.

So, I was waddling in the bed and the couch, and my shoes in the dark recesses of my shoe-rack.  I did not even bother to look at them in their eye (!).   

Feeling better, feeling better... my wife advises to take it slow... fearing another bout of wheeze and cough... I am itching to run... but actually would during the coming weekend.

Whoever thought that Ship Breaking will screw running...?

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