Monday, November 7, 2011

A Bakri-Eid 10k- One step at a time...

More liters in the belly than the kilometers on the road.   Life is listless when it lacks purpose. 

Movies?  Facebook?   Shopping with family?  The only thing exciting is playing cricket with the kid these days.  Others are miserly distractions.   

Add a 30 day back-breaking cough and lung-choking cold... hit by financial and work related challenges...

From boring to suffering...

Sometimes the objective is to just sail through the storm... one needs lot of grit and gumption to dig deep down to win the battle, ride the wave.   One after another.   Take it one at a time.   We don't know when the war would end, or when the shore is in sight.  

Hey, this sounds very familiar - if you are a long distance runner.  A step at a time.  Break the course into shorter objectives.  Achieve one, and then another, and then another.  Each step, relentlessly put ahead, is closer to victory.  The finish line is far away, but the hope is that each step puts one closer to the finishing line.

The run becomes more challenging when you are denied.   Like today's Bakri-Eid's run.  

High humidity.   I decided to do a 10K - not a long distance by most of our standards, but well - considering this is a comeback phase after the bout of cold, was a reasonable objective.  

The denial objective - no water, and no stop.   Well, the run was lot easier.   Strategy - run slow first, pick up speed - but always breath through the nose.  The first 5k was whirlwind - done in 32 minutes.  Around the 7k point, had to slow a bit and breath through my nose.  

Reminder  -  No stop.  No water.  Around 8k - sweat started tasting sweet,  slight cramp developed below the ribs. 

Breath deep, run slow.  

Around the 8.5k mark, felt easy - but had slow down to almost 10 minutes per km. 

Easy, buddy?   Nope.   Can you?  Yes.  

No water.  No stop.   Uphill finish for about 800m.   Voila,  suddenly breathing was easy,   no more thinking of water, only the finish line.  Finished the last 1k in 5:50.  10k in 67 minutes.

Finally the first sip of water is the reward.    Neither it is great, nor is that bad. 

What is special about a training run?   Nothing.  Just that it reminds you of the basics

One step at a time. 

- The One

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