Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ask the Toenail...

Well,  it is late into the night, and have a short week ahead.  But can't resist finishing this.

Got a black toe after today's 10K.  Reason - my Asics, as I find, is one size less.  My Nikes were one size large, and were bliss- no black toes.

Ain't the shoes mistake.  Well, it is mine.  A black toenail can tell stories. 

I lost three of my toe nails when I started running about three years ago.   First reaction, pain and panic. 

Most people ( including me :) ) don't bother about their feet, till the first black toenail appears.  Feet are to walk, but when they are used to run - black toenails are almost always the first incident.  It is like the first dent in your new car.   Your feet were looking beautiful, and suddenly running spoilt the looks. 

You consult your seniors in running - they laugh it off.   Well, I get it.   For a runner, feet is utility material and not the jewels in the box.   They are to be used - to RUN!   Blacktoes are sign of USE.   SCARS of the RUN.   I was proud - after losing three black toes, and collected them as medallions.

Once you become more experienced, you understand the fundamentals or Common Sense, as they call it. 

WEAR happens because of FRICTION.  To reduce friction, either reduce contact or lubricate.   So, you buy one size larger shoes, and take care to apply vaseline.   Result - no black toe.

When beginners talk to me about chafing or black toes, I tell them it aint a medallion, but it is plain wear and tear.   Reduce contact or lubricate.  

My black toe laughs at me.  

Says, I will wither away.   Where was your COMMON SENSE? 

I say, you are my fourth medallion. Each run is new, and a learning.  So I hide behind the beginner's bliss. 

COMMON SENSE - Not applicable... Toe Nail - RIP...


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