Saturday, November 12, 2011

From Auroville to Auroville...a racing sabbatical...

The last time, I ran past a racing flag, was in Auroville- Feb 13th this year.  I ran a half.   2010-11 represented stability - I could plan a trip and execute it.   During this period I ran 5 half marathons.  

From April aka the 2011-12 season, I have been this ship in the tempestous sea, with a broken sail.   My quest for growth led me to Mumbai.  Mumbai is a great place to run, there are more than 15 local races - and to cap it all, the Mumbai Marathon, the only Indian event on the World Marathon Calendar.

My appetite to run a race simply died.  It has taken a long sabbatical.    Why?  Lack of planning.   I cannot get up at 5 am any more - that is the time I feel most tired.  The alarm snooze button has become the most regularly used device, apart from my blackberry and toothbrush.   My shoes started unusual about it and finally gave up on me.  Both my pairs of Nikes tanked.

The distances to travel to meet customers are too much in Mumbai.  So you end up reaching home late, and tired.  The motivation to put on the shoe is difficult.   Add to that,  the kid wants this, and the wife wants that.   The evening sundowners add to the woe.   Finally, the virus found a temporary home in my bronchi.   Alas,   I run only about 20 km a week, and about 60 km a month.   I am not my type.  

I need to run a half during training, and then do regular 30's.  My plan is to run only full's next season.   No races this year.   Well - may be I will end my racing sabbatical in Auroville?!!!

-The One

Pic courtesy Auroville website

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