Saturday, November 26, 2011


This evening was different.    I had increased my chance to run in Mumbai Marathon, courtesy a good soul.   I was feeling happy that I reached home early.   I was hungry.  Post some snacks and tea, the hunger contained, I planned to hit the asphalt.   Was feeling powerful and eager for a run.

I looked around my stable- there were the good old Nike - Blue ones.  I call them the Old-man-blue.  Old-man-blue came to me from a Nike store in Bangalore in May 2009, and was the right partner for me to tackle my over-pronation - I had suffered bone contusions and was out of action for about 2 months.  

He have served me for more than 1100 km so far.    We ran together in the Chennai Marathons, ECR marathon, Auroville marathon, Bangalore Ultra, Sunfeast 10K's between 2009-2011.

He become ugly, soaked in the red dusts of the Bangalore Ultra trail, and never recovered his charming white and blue again.

About 2 months back, the ol' folks of my stable - both pair of nikes had lost their soles ( souls?)... The black cushion at the palm of the right shoe peeled out (for old-man-blue during a run), the red one ( who I call lady-in-red) during my travel to Chennai.

The lady-in-red stayed back in Chennai, and is currently in my brother's custody.   Old-man-blue  lay in the dark recesses of my shoe rack.  I was trying to visit a Nike store to repair for more than a month, but could not.  I went to Reliance footprint instead and ended up buying a pair of Asics (which I call the new-kid).  

And suddenly, it dawned, that our good old cobbler in the neighbourhood could fix.  I took old-man-blue to this shanty of a shoe-garage, and Missus-Cobbler, pursed her mouth and said, it would cost 70 Rs.   She said, the black cushion will be pasted and she will stitch them to be stronger.   I was skeptical, but nevertheless, put the old-man-blue on the operation table.   The lady, chewing paan all the while, said - come back in half an hour.  

 After the new-kid took me round for a 30 minute run, I visited the shanty again.   Missus-Cobbler asked me to wait for another 15.   I was waiting like a worried relative outside the op-theater.  

10 minutes passed.   Missus-Cobbler called out - and showed her works-woman(!)ship to me.   Old-man-blue was looking good - pasted and sewed up with black thread.   Ugly, but he could walk or run with me after all.

And today he joined me for the 5k.   We both exploded into a good start, slow middle part and a classic finish.  

As I write, old-man-blue smiles from his place in the shoe rack - always on the top - ' I am still around for many more miles'.   I wink at him with tears in my eyes.  Old-man-blue!

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