Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Running - simple complications, simplified...

Lol!  How come running became complicated?  Roll back to the first year of your child, or if you are yet to have one, to your own childhood or your nephew's or niece's.  How excited one was, to see the little kid crawl, stutter into a walk and after sometime break into a run! 

Running brings joy to the kid, the parent and the on-looker.   Running, to a child is akin to flying,  a means of reaching the impossibility, an outburst of joy.   A simple movement of legs, and flailing arms makes up the innocuous action of running.  

Any outdoor sport involves running - from hide and seek to cricket, football to hockey. Every field and every street in the neighbourhood is taken over by kids who play, and therefore run.  

Years pass.   Suddenly, we become office goers, professionals and so forth.  Tired minds and souls, after a tired day, navigating traffic, reach homes late in the night.   Many worries in the mind, so add sleepless nights to that.   Again, get up just in time to start another day.

Running suddenly means business.   Serious business, and that thing we call  'life'.   Breathless cacophony from dawn to dusk.   Loss of sleep, pot bellies, obesity, diabetes, stress, lack of fitness and form are by-products.

Doctors exhort us to exercise.  Somebody suggests, 'why don't you run?'.   That sounds unfamiliar!   Or distantly familiar?

How did running become complicated? Two decades later,  running is reborn. But one needs reasons to run!  And NOT to run!  Huh?!! 

Reasons make running complicated.    It was complicated to start.   Getting to the shoe rack was complicated.   Getting up early in the morning, finding time was complicated.

Once the reasons are removed, it is simple, like our childhood days!

Just run - so simple, no more complicated!!!

-The One

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