Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mid-week blog : Running - the only reality in the illusion called life...

Caught in space-time warp,
life is an illusion
At mid-thirties,  there is enough of ups, downs, drowns to b*t(h about...  you think that this is gonna be your worst day, but the next day can be worse than that.   You pass through blinding sunlight and temporary shades,  blue skies that remind you of the desert and the depressing gray some other day.   Life is an illusion that plays hide and seek in the space-time warp. 

The finish line and the next toe landing
in running is reality
What you think is reality is an illusion another day.   One event somewhere in the world is a statistic or a news-bite for most others living far from the event - lost in the back pages of a newspaper or a snippet in a prime time show on telly.  That is because we ourselves are immersed in the clear and present issues that confront our fickle lives, and we have fickle memories.
Such is the illusion of life.  

Running, a basic act of alternate steps and flailing arms - also gets into the same illusive bandwagon - you measure time, and you measure distance.  

As they say, past is history and future is mystery; the present is here and now. But unlike life, in running, the end is known - the finish line is the future.   Knowledge of the finish line, is therefore reality and the present - the step that you take, is clear, present and real.  

In our lingo they say - 'sab mayaa hai, (everything is an illusion)'.   Well, except running. 

-The One

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