Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Forgotten February...

Now I know how good I am at keeping resolutions.   Very bad at it so far.  Today was a self-review day, and sad that the shoes have been untouched through February.  Worst, the full marathon never happened  - Auroville succumbed to lack of will.   Why? 

7:00 am, daily, I wake up.  Morning chores and then drive to office.  The rigmarole of the daily life.  Finishwork.  Evening - mostly the inevitable sun-downers and reach home late.  Then while the whole world and my family embrace sleep - this lonely soul burning the midnight oil - mulling life and working.   Sending reminders.   The mind is occupied by a myriad thoughts.  The thoughts shift like the restless corpses in the graveyard.  Running is forgotten. 
Absent Apocalypse in the
Forgotten February

Running was supposed to be an anti-dote for the pressure prone life.  It was to be the anchor of life.   The straw to clutch on a roller coaster ride.  This year - it seems going the same way as 2011.  If it is any indication it ain't good.

The thank you mail from Auroville  today hurt big time! The Old-man-blue, the Kid and the Apocalypse, all are lying in the shoe rack and car boot - like the trapped genie of the Aladdin fame.   It is time for them to come out and show their magic.   They will intervene strongly in The One's life.   Will they? Let us see, if we can recover the Forgotten February!

-The One

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