Friday, March 2, 2012

A run, finally done!

It is like being an alcoholic - should I say that getting back at running is good, therefore it is good to be a runaholic?   The feel good factor after a run is unbeatable.   The forgotten february, where no run took place was a nightmare best forgotten.  Is life any better?  Not sure.   The struggle continues elsewhere.   When I moved to Mumbai, I expected to adapt and fly high like an eagle.  But I was stuttering like a dodo.  
Well, a runner does not give excuses.  So it did not happen.   Period. 

A run done!
Today I ran with confidence at the start.  The same breathing through the mouth technique worked well.   The run was short, but towards the fourth km, a small stitch around the rib told that the story.  The breathing was a little tighter and I slowed down further. The reason - a month of evening vagaries.   The lack of training was telling. 

It was a 5.5 km run.  The mind suddenly found its feet.  This run may not be a worth a blog.  But it was a start, so a feat.   A run, finally done!

-The One

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