Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Eraser run...

Running has never felt so good.   Today, there was standing invites for some evening get-togethers.  But today also was one of those days - where you just want to tear off from the book titled 'My life'.   Multi-dimensional self-worthlessness sometimes makes one cringe.

Should one so openly talk about these feelings?  I had found a temporary solution for the past few days.   Watching Discovery and Natural Geographic - taking things away from this material, inhuman world and into the wild.

Frustrated Leopard loses its
prey to the Hyena
Watching the animals, struggle for food, mates, territory and life makes me feel better.   So, struggle is natural.   It sometimes does not matter what you think?  The leopard loses its prey to a hyena or a lion.  It does protest, growl and snarl, but end of the day, it knows that it does not stand a chance against the stronger predator.   So it quickly climbs the tree to save itself.

Should the leopard feel self-worthless?   Or should it feel that it is the law of nature, and so 'move on'.  I try to find any form of emotion on its face.  Apparently, leopards can't emote.  So no answers there.

The hero runs in a lone beach
to beat his frustration
Then I saw this move called 'Force'.   He is a cop without any connect - which is his strength.  He falls in love, but finally when his love is killed by a vindictive villain - he could only cry and grit his teeth in frustration.  Another form - which caught my eye - is a sprint by this hero in a lonely beach to vent his frustration.   Humans emote, and express.   So running is a form of expression. 

Another movie called Eraser crossed my mind.  The hero has to protect the heroine, who the State has decided to erase.   No evidence.  No existence.   Kill them all.   The lead-actors run, hide and survive in the end.

The leads run away
survive and erase!
Today's run is a combination of all these.  From a feeling of self-worthlessness and frustration is washed away by the dripping sweat and the reality of all these tastes salty.   And finally a burst at the end, pumping the oxygen viciously into the lungs, erasing and burning all those who caused the feelings under the rubber of the shoe.  

Again, it sounds too much of philosophical rambling around a simple run - but as I always say - running has many avatars.  This one was the 'Eraser run'.

-The One

(Pics courtesy Internet)

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