Saturday, March 10, 2012

NO-cotine run...

Friends,  today's run is a confession run.   I thought a lot, whether to share this.  Finally decided that I will.  

One of these days in December,  it started with a small fag.   It is still a small fag, but the occasions increased.   With a cup of tea.  With sun-downers.   It always never felt like a habit.   I took the butt, when my butt was kicked.  The fascination towards the smouldering end of the brown tobacco turning black was interesting.   Felt that I was thinking better. Stress? I think so.     

The runs were anyway drying up.  The forgotten february was the worst period in the last three years, as far as fitness was concerned.  But last week, the run finally came.  

But suddenly, my voice became hoarse and there was this, a constant niggle in the throat.  I could feel that some sputum was forming.   Secondly,  early mornings, my lower back - below the rib cage, ached a lot. And finally - there was a tightness in my lungs - during the run last week.   

Last two days, I kept away from both.   And this run - I ran like a creature possessed.  I was always afraid that the tightness would appear.   It did appear in the second kilometer, but with a deep breath, I pushed the tightness aside.   I paused for a moment and then started running faster, and faster.  

The Kandivili crowd, usually accustomed to runners - was startled because of the speed in which I ran.   The sputum disappeared, the lungs are liberated.   I feel better.   The run was truly invigorating.

Been there, tried that.  My affair with the butt ends, period. December - March 10th, RIP. This was the NO-COTINE run. 

-The One

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