Sunday, September 2, 2012

Paralympics - Patronize our Parathletes!!!

The paralympics are on.  And nobody is turning towards the TV.  Does anybody know it is held in the same venues as the Olympics?  Is anybody aware that India has sent a 21 member contingent?  Which channel is telecasting it in India?  Where are the sponsors?

Paradox - we look for inspirations as examples of how somebody overcame difficulties to achieve something?  Are not the stories of Paralympics participants inspiring? Most of us would be watching an EPL or India vs New Zealand cricket match.   This is not wrong, but only to be expected.  Audience interest is paramount and every'body' goes after it - channels for TRP and others for other reasons.
London Paralympics are on -
are we hooked on?

Cricketers and the Usain Bolts make the stars.  Luckily for us, after the success in Olympics, this year, we had more medalists than ever before.  So some offbeat stars were born post this Olympics success.   Each story of success - how a mother of twins, how somebody broke the Chinese wall, how rural Haryanvi's won medals in wrestling, how a soldier and a civilian shot their way to glory - and the acceptance of them by this cricket crazy population was one stepin the right direction.

But Paralympics - may be still way off.   But the efforts to win a medal for the country and the pride thereof are the same.  Our discerning public, am sure would recognize this.  If you are looking for heroes beyond the above, it is here.

Fan support and awareness will bring the best from our parathletes, and encourage the differently-abled people to aspire for achievement in all forms of sports - especially in sports represented in the Paralympics.   If there are any differently abled people in your vicinity, please make them aware that this is one aim in life trying for.   Wear the Indian colours.   Lift the Indian Flag high.   Getting a shot at the medal.  In a field of fair play.

Below is the list of athletes who are right now in action -

Telecast rights :  Channel 4
Opening ceremony highlights :
Indian contigent in the opening ceremony:

Please patronize our parathletes! Wishing our paralympic team all the best!   Please post snippets, video clips!   Glory to them, and Glory to Parathletes to all over the world!

- Ashok Speaks!

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