Friday, September 7, 2012

The twilight runs...

The twilight - colorful blood on the sky's body
Twilight is the best possible cocktail that Nature can create.  The mixture of the dying daylight and the growing dark.   The wounds of the sky after its losing war with darkness, and the multi-color blood sprayed on its body - scaring the birds into their nests;   the kids moving towards home.   The street lights glowing announcing a new war against darkness.   The masons and workers returning home, exhausted after a day long work;  Office commuters returning with groceries and other purchases;   kids winding up their play and hopping their way for completing their homework,  the nocturnal animals and insects hiding behind the ever growing cover of darkness.   Such is the beauty of twilight. 

The amber lights join the war against darkness
And enter me - the runner.  Dressed in Chennai Runners' T's, and Nikes' - the good old Red Running Hood.   Mingling in this cocktail of life and colors, each step of this short run helps me participate in the short episode - as a voyeur.  
Cattle impervious to the rain!
And another day, you miss the entire show.   The curtains are on - grey in color.  The stage is being washed.     There is no usual audience.  But this no-show gives life to another set of characters.  Teens love to kick the ball with their tireless feet.  Cattle, impervious to rain, graze around.   And the colorful umbrellas come out.   And slowly the entire picture disappears fast, consumed by the dark sky.  The amber street lights slowly fix the problem - the road glows in their reflection.   Beautiful, ethereal.   

Only teens and no soul on the street - no show!
These days, my runs are short.  But they help me steal some time mixing with this real beauty of cocktail and colors.  The mind just switches off, leaving the hullabaloo and chaos of the daily chores behind.    A true tequila shot!!!

- Road Runner!

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