Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Strawberry run!

I missed the Powai Lake run this weekend!  Would have been my first competing run in Mumbai.   Sleepy eyes.  Sleepy eyes.

The weekend diary looks somewhat like this:

    Happy HE! 
  • Took HIM and HER to a colleague's birthday party in a large mall.
  • HE got to make paint and custom-draft a cricket bat, all for HIMself.
  • Some window shopping after that- SHE is happy 
  • Visit to the games parlour.   An hour of play, HE is happy
  • Hindi movie with Pop-corn and Coke - SHE is happy and HE is excited
    The artful cricket bat!
  • Some shopping to make HER happy
Sunday -
  • Chores, chores, is SHE happy?
  • Some cricket with HIM
  • Watched Aladdin - the movie with HIM and HER
  • Nice lunch and a cat nap - THE FAMILY purrs its happiness
  • SHE goes to a spiritual discourse
  • Cricket with HIM
  • BLOG !
So what is so different?  Nothing, really.  But what a weekend! 

Missed the SCMM expo and the Powai run.   But finally in the evening, ran in the nice cool Mumbai weather.  

The run was like a strawberry
topping on a vanilla ice-cream
Such a complementing element that running can be!   It adds to the personal fulfillment so easily!  When one seeks to extend his happiness from other sources - born away from the pressures and pleasures of the material life.

As I run, I close my eyes.  The cool air enters my nostrils and fills the lungs.  The sweat makes the body chill and pleasant.   The feel of the coolness inside and out.  The mind is light and feeling ethereal.  It feels like chomping at the strawberry topping on a delightful yummy vanilla ice-cream!   Such a bliss, was this strawberry run!

- The One

Pics Courtesy Internet and The One

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