Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 - Running with Apocalypse...

It was a funny thought, initially.   My friend Gaurav Madhaan then put it on facebook 'Put in as many miles as you can to celebrate the so called last year of Era "2012" Only fit will get the license to "2013" lol :P'.  The funny thought blossomed into an interesting one. 

I was always a Nike fan.  I had a bone contusion around May 2009 and it took two months for me to recover.   Then I embraced Nike Air.  After that, no DNF's, no injuries.  The limitation was always me.  Not my shoes.

Mayan Calendar -
Is Apocalyse on the way?
Then this year,  I lost my Lady Red and my Old-Man-Blue had his bottom (!) stitched back.  A new kid, I call it the Kid, appeared on the block.  Asics ( sounds like at-six, nah?) he was one size short.  So my next buy was always going to be a Nike.   Fans of other brands forgive.  It is my experience, and I am not marketing any brand here.  

I have been resisting this temptation of buying a simple shoe and see if I still do pronate.   I got one yesterday, during the new year.   I took it out for a run, and it impressed.   Impressive enough to start with a sub-5 miler.

Nikes named Apocalypse!
So baptism by speed.  What would you call these new Nikes?   This is the year of the Apocalypse.  If you watch any movie around Apocalypse, the hero and heroine run, jump and dodge flying shrapnels of glass, bricks and what not.   The lesser mortals are consumed.  

In real life, though, the future is a mystery.  We are talking 21-12-2012. The era called Baktun, ends on this date. Some people say that Mayan calendar is misunderstood.    Actually it might be just like your yearly running miles getting reset in dailymile.

What the hell?   If we were to take each day as if there is no tomorrow, the concept of Apocalypse can be looked at positively.  If we give our best, run and live each day to its fullest- then we would not mind about tomorrow, right?  So if you want to run, run today.   If you want to live, live today.   There is no tomorrow.  So the Apocalypse is forever.

The Hero had to run to save himself in the movie '2012'
apart from other faster means of transport!
 Another perspective.   Let us just go back to those who run and dodge the shrapnels, spliting terra-firma, raising waves, lightning laden skies and falling buildings.   You have to RUN!   Anybody who stays back, will be consumed by the Apocalypse.   The hero and the heroine survive, because they run

You have to run and run long and strong.   To survive.  Survive from all ailments.   Painful death by disease is Apocalypse.  

So, when I went for this short, but strong run in the new Nikes on 2-1-2012, the name was obvious.  APOCALYPSE.  This year will be running with APOCALYPSE.    Happy new year!

- The One

( Pic courtesy The One, Internet)

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