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Jan 15 2012: Making of new heroes...

( This article is dedicated to every finisher of the Mumbai Marathon 2012.   Running and finishing is no mean feat.)

If you wake up at 8 am, switch to Star Plus HD instead of Star Cricket, does it not say many things? While Indian cricketers ran out of ideas in Perth, some Mumbaikars were running towards the finishing line in Mumbai .

Indian legends ran out of ideas
this day in Perth.  End of some heroes?
First, cricket, for many, is not an attractive sport any more - especially as a viewer.  In the 90's we used to get up early to watch the Srikanth's and Shastri's of the yore struggle against the brute and bouncing deliveries of Mc Dermott and Merv Hughes.   And some heroics of the 1984 and 2008.

Now, nobody sacrifices sleep for the fait accompli - a news which can be read a week later and would make no difference.  

First cricket has become too much and boring, and secondly, we ourselves, ordinary mortals have become 'sportsmen'.  Haven't we?  LOL.   We got ourselves on High Definition Television, for the better part of 6 hours.  That is longer than two Hindi movies.  For the first time. So remember Jan 15, 2012.

I tried to be part of this show - in some form.  I could have run as a proxy.   First,  there was lot of tentativeness.  Second, laziness and bad planning.   A dear friend who did not run the half helped me with the details.   But I plead guilty for not registering and secondly, ending up doing something else during the weekends.  

Today is also Pongal.  So, did the usual Pooja's.   Enjoyed the pot boil over.   Played with the kid.  Watched bits and pieces of Tam-English movies.

But the guilt was building up like a snowman.  Finally, it broke and let loose an Avalanche.   Ran a half today evening to fend off the snow ball in my throat.

And then Auroville is calling.  The memory of the course remains fresh.   I did a great half marathon ( 2:19) last year.

Only that another Mumbai namesake visited during 2011 year-end, causing havoc to the beautiful landscape of Auroville.   The Mumbai Marathon contingent would be strong, this year, I believe.   In some sense, it is destiny that I end my racing sabbatical here. 
Ram Singh Yadav (m)
qualified for the London Olympics
and was this year's Indian winner
Meanwhile, in SCMM12, new heroes have born.  Like Ram Singh Yadav who has qualified for the London Olympics, and Preethi Babbar - a first time FM-er, but a worthy winner.  

And first time marathon finishes and personal bests for many of my friends.  Am feeling so happy for them.   Atleast they have achieved what they trained so hard for.

And ironically, some heroes became legends.  This day, an era is mostly over.  The stalwarts of the Indian cricket test team ran out of ideas, in Perth. Some of them will ride into the twilight.  

But as always, new heroes will be born.  Like our finishers of the Mumbai Marathon.  My salute to the new heroes of Jan 15, 2012.

-The One

( Pic courtesy the One)

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