Thursday, August 12, 2010

Another day...

Most of our days are forgotten... unless special or different things happen to us or do we a difference to others...About 99.9% of human life is made of forgettable incidents, actions, reactions, transactions and accidents.

But each day is different, and so many things change.   Change little, but once and for all. Unnoticeable - hence they dont seem different.   Before somebody realizes the change is permanent - actually, gradual, unnoticeable change leads to fuller acceptance.

Then there are disruptive changes... a big bang change is actually difficult to accept; but the effect is more surgical, and the pain / shock may not last.   The days when these happen will live longer in one's memory.

How much did we notice that Fridges, blogs, social networking, mobiles, cable television have entered our lifes - first we talk about these in third person, then it comes nearer and finally hits us as a person.  Then some people remember the first days of these, but the acceptance itself is slow, and hence not many of us have felt the change.   

Also this is what politicians  or change agents do - leverage the gradual acceptance of a practice, norm and slowly seep it in, and before we realize, we are part of it.  

Hence, no day is yet another day... but we play our part in a larger acceptance of these seeping, gradual changes.    Disruptive changes, we will remember. But gradual changes, we wont, but these will have a greater effect.

No day, is yet another day.

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