Saturday, August 21, 2010

What my Mom taught...

Just a small note before I go to sleep:   There are so many things that you learn from your Mom.   This one is the best - she taught me to:

Hope gives positiveness, and positiveness creates possibilities, and possibilities become opportunities. Opportunities become solutions.   How true!

I realize that now - after the 15 months of my mid-life birth!  

This is the most amazing thing - You may learn something now, but realize the value of that learning much later.

She always told that Hope is within me - whatever situation it is, the only thing that should be always with us. You may lose your health and wealth, near and dear,  but never lose hope.  

May be all Mom's teach their sons, and so many things at that too. 

But this is a small speck of a message - but I carry this in my valet.

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