Sunday, August 29, 2010

My first HM - part 1: The preparations...

I am going back to the day I declared that I will run a half. Around May 19th of this year. That was hot summer. I had targetted to finish around 3 hours 30 minutes.

I was told that running 16-18k would take me to the finish line. But I tend to disagree, as you would recognize from my version atleast.

Incidently, May 2010 also brought in a changed role, a national role, where I had to manage about couple of clients across South India. It meant more time at railway stations, bus depots and airports.

We were going strong with our Velachery chapter, and we had done our first 10k. May 23rd, I ran my first prepared 10k race ( even though I have run about 3x5k races, and one 10k before) in Sunfeast 10k Bangalore.

With confidence which came due to the strong finish in the Sunfeast, my training began.

In May and June, we had a simple routine. Monday - rest day; Tuesday - hills ( flyovers), Wednesday - easy runs, Thursday - Intervals and Sunday Long runs.

Week day trainings did become erratic in July and August, However, the focus on long runs was intense in  July. From 10K, did a 13k couple of times.   Then did couple of 16k's and a near-2-hour-18k in July.  That told me that I should run the 21.1k in 2.30. 

Then work stepped up pressure and travel time . During August,  have travelled 9 times - including morning-evening shuttle flights.   Love for running meant that I carried my running kit all over.

Early August, thanks to a push from our Chennai Runner elites, ran a checkered 10x10 challenge ( 10 km for 10 days).   Also registered for Chennai  Half Marathon and ECR Half Marathon during this period.

And the two weeks leading to Marathon - ZERO week day runs.    That set the stage for the Chennai Marathon.  

All the training, motivation and focus would be challenged on race day.  Surprise was at store.

( To be continued)

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