Saturday, August 21, 2010

Turning point - 2009...The 3 F's

Last year May, I changed.   My life till then seemed out of control - everyday, was monotonous.   Run to manage a business, and run for numbers.

I only took the ' run' part into the new life. I opted out of the rat race.  So I picked a role that helps me focus on lesser people, and build relationships.   My terms.

More family. More fitness. More finance. The 3F's are slowly becoming my priorities and my planning is around these. My life is lot slower, but I am content.

I have planned my retirement ( I call it a day when I dont have to work for others), and my son's education - grad/ post grad, if he wishes to pursue. Life is not yet systematic - anyways, I dont want it to be.

My fitness has become my passion - and running too.

Family - time - time with parents, wife, kids needs to improve.  But I am working on it.

Well, I would say, considering this is now 15 months, I like this life.  I know more people than before; I know more things than before.   

I have learnt it the hard way. 

If you are reading this... I'd say, you start earlier.   Spend time with family and friends.

Work is only part of life.  Work alone is not life.    Plan better, and expect lesser.   You will be lot more happier and peaceful.

Happy weekend folks...

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  1. Ashok: Add more to your fitness. Do flexiblity and strength training...Then experience the difference. I wont be surprised if you do a sub 2 very soon.