Sunday, August 15, 2010

Run and freedom

I saw some posts today - runners tied themselves to the theme of 'freedom'.   I believe that you ask the 1.2 billion Indians and the 7 billion earthlings called humans, they will define freedom as they want - again as many definitions as there are heads.  

Well,  freedom is an individual feeling.   Nothing is free- even freedom.   You pay for freedom.   And freedom is an inner feeling.   This is a kind of elation, high,  unsatiated feeling of unshackling of what has tied -what you yearn for and earn!

It is like that that thirst for a chilled bottle of water, or hunger for that sumptuous feel or feeling of that drop-dead sleep...

Running gives you that feeling everytime.   Of course, it depends.  I have felt it everytime I have run.  It has helped me to
  • gather my thoughts
  • de-stress
  • plan my day
  • grab time for myself in a day when the entire time is hijacked
  • gives me control over my destiny
  • helps me achieve a goal
  • meditate and clear the cobwebs of my mind
  • make my body go with me
  • make my mind go with me ( this is different)
  • savor the little things in life - a bird flying, a kid playing with abundant joy
  • enjoy things afterwards - the sweetness of water, the hot and sweet chocolate, the arousing smell and flavor of a coffee
This list can go on.   Freedom is to choose any of these and RUN.   So running defines my freedom now -a-days.

You can run for a cause, run for an occasion, protest run ( march), run for fun, run for competition, run for fitness.   So the menu is endless, is it not?  So freedom to run or not to run, freedom to run for whatever you want, wherever, with whoever,  how much distance, however fast...

So running is FREEDOM!!!

Happy independence day!!!

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