Monday, August 23, 2010

Too good - but can we make it last?

The weather is awesome these days.   Too good to miss - especially for running. 

We don't talk about global warming here -we know that it is time to do something about it.   But for Chennai, atleast in the short term, the weather looks positive.

I realized this when I was running amongst the green-woods of Indian Institute of Technology Campus, Chennai - which is one of the last green groves standing amidst the city.   This is a national park and a declared eco-sphere.

It has rained since mid-June atleast, once a week in Chennai.  This is the first time, in 10 years it has happened.  Consistently above-average rainfall in the last 3 months.   Is it too good to last?

The humidity is still here, but the sun is behind the clouds - the clouds have become more or less permanent curtains of the sky that way.

Rains bring freshness, joy and hope. Plants grow in whichever place they can; so the city and surroundings look greener.  

We can enjoy the rains if the roads could wash away the puddles; if there were no potholes;   if the sanitary system was good enough to take the floods to the sea;  if the rain water was collected properly.  

I believe the people has realized the importance of all these - nice infra, nicer eco-system.  We should realize that without proper planning,  the city will creak under its reams - the gifts of nature like the recent rains will be of no effect- a good opportunity lost. 

What we create, our gen-X will inherit.   I have already seen 4 kids, less than 10 years old, in my family - they are keen, impatient, mature and know what games adults play.   They do everything better, faster and smarter.   So let them get what they deserve - BETTER!

Otherwise, like the recent rains in Chennai, it would be good - but only for a moment.  It is upon us, to make it last...shall we?

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