Saturday, August 14, 2010

An Ode to Fitness Enterpreneurship

With less than half knowledge, this becomes a knee-jerk blog.

I know this gentleman from my neighbourhood, who is a good runner, but is more a fitness Guru.   He has this entrepreneurial streak in him.   He was an ex-director of a fitness chain. Even before that he was in IT;   From IT to F'IT' was not only a spelling change, but a change in his way of life.  

After every long run, our group of Chennai Runners,  silently watch him stretch and relax every sinew, muscle and tendon and with little reluctance, and then with greater enthusiasm follow him.  Now this has become a routine.

This gentleman has been working on funding on his new venture for quick sometime I learn.    Then he takes time for his family and skip a run whenever his son is 'under the weather'.   Another dimension - he quizzes and loves those coming a lot, and has a network that involve the high and mighty.  

And this lady - we started off as running partners in our neighbourhood, and is the fitness freak in her family.  Now I hear that the son and the daughter follow, and the hubby also hits the road once in a while.   She has been insisting on cross training ever since. 

When I first met her, she had been working on an company that promotes IT based distance education (did I get it right?), and had sold it to a larger company; then she was scouting for new business ideas.  Before the education foray, she was in a senior position with one of the top IT firms.

She also is a great family person - loves to get back to breakfast with family on Sundays, serves piping coffee to her hubby and is always concerned about her children.

The gentleman and the lady, have some half marathons under their belt, and love running - this is where I connect with them!  

Just realized that both had lots of similarities.   And somewhere, I thought, may be these two will work together- (I really, really had this hunch).   Now, silently, two facebook posts later, albeit separately, this seems to have come true.  

They have started to work on a Yoga Studio chain and looking for a place where the high and mighty of Chennai reside.

How they progress from here, only time will tell.  But with her experience and exhuberance, and with his calm and deep thinking, they should do well together, is what I feel.  

All the best and my wishes to them!

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  1. :):):):):):) I am all smiles. You write very well.