Thursday, August 12, 2010

What is the base distance for a runner?

I feel that there is a base distance for a runner is a function of capability and attitude.  I always that I would run a 10k in my life time, but now aiming for half marathon.   This is because, I psychologically crossed a 11k mark one day - which was treated as 10 + bonus... so it has extended to 18 k.

So easily, my base distance is 10 miles ~16k, and  on race day, 21 should not be a problem.  Some may argue that you should train the full distance, but most people have advice me, it is not required.

Well, these are two schools of thought.  I am going to try a full - half marathon ie 21.1k in the next 10 days, so that i know what it takes to finish. Race day is about 19 days away!!!

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  1. Base distance to me is in the mind. What the mind can believe it can achieve. I still remember last time this time I could just manage to run a 1k and take a walk break. One year down the line I ran a 10k non stop. So it is all in the mind...Aint I correct?