Friday, August 13, 2010

Breaks from running and running-breaks

I realized that breaks from running are as important as running - which becomes breaks.  

During post run breaks( especially a day or two- required after long runs) the body recovers slowly, especially the paining parts. The pains are actually pleasure, consider they came from running, a passion.

Alternately, consider a stressful day, when it goes to extent of skipping a meal, and a day when the schedule goes awry, a half an hour run stuffed in actually helps us break from the routine, and achieve something we want - both from a task-success perspective, and also a forced break from the humdrums of the stress that we have gone through that day.

 Hence running is a tool that becomes effectively used, when we take both the breaks at the right time, and on the right occasion.

Suggestion -
1. Always carry your running kit around,   this is the best medicine from stress.  Also, keeping the kit is an assurance that you can break away from stress any time.
2. Secondly,  on the day of breaks from running ( non-running days), do less stressful jobs.   That is a choice we have. If we can't, then go back to point 1.

Enjoy the day!!!

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